The guys at Plex have issued an update to the Google TV version of Plex that has a brand new home screen with easier to navigate UI. On the latest post on their blog they also explain how to get started with Plex and what you will need to get up and running. If your new to Plex it’s well worth reading and seeing what it can do for you. It would be cool if they could get a Plex client for Raspberry Pi out.

The home page is divided into two parts – on the left are the movie, TV shows, photo and music sections that you added to the media server during setup. You’ll also see sections for recently used channels, your myPlex queue as well as sections others are sharing with you. The right side will show you details as you flip through items on the left. Plex shows you the most important information from each section so that you spend less time looking for media and more time enjoying it. Here for example is the TV section.

There are two panels shown for TV shows. The bottom panel shows the most recently added episodes. The top ‘On Deck’ panel keeps track of where you are in each TV series you’ve been watching, so that you can quickly and easily pick up where you left off. ‘On Deck’ is cool for those of us (like me) that can’t remember where we left the remote, let alone what episode of each TV series we were on. As you watch each episode, Plex keeps track, so when you’re finished watching the ‘On Deck’ section will update with the next episode if it’s available in your media library.

Other types of media are handled similarly. Below is a movie section where the ‘On Deck’ section lists any movies that are partially watched and again the lower panel shows the most recently added films.

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