It’s been a while since we had our user group meet up in Birmingham and we are starting planning for the next event. For the next event I would like to widen the scope of the technology we cover and make it more of a tech fair with enthusiast showing off technology as well as having presentations. So it could be you showing off your XBMC setup, your media streaming setup,  your Android tablet or Media Center setup.

The first step is finding a venue and we have the option of using a location close to me just outside of Manchester, it wouldn’t cost us anything and that is always the biggest cost when putting events on. In other words we can if its in the North West we can start planning now and I figure that the location may not be ideal its better than having no event at all.

So my question to you is if we put the event on at a venue in the North West would you come or would you only come if we had a central or London based event.  Either vote in the poll or leave a comment and then we can decide on the best way to proceed. Also if you would like to show off something or have any suggestions let me know.


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Andrew Edney presenting at our last meeting
2 thoughts on “Planning for user group meet up”
  1. Don’t really mind where it is but would appreciate somewhere with free parking if possible. The Birmingham event cost a small fortune. Perhaps consider a Sunday?

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