Nokia have released a beta of a “Play To” DLNA app for the Lumia phones. With the application you can stream pictures and videos from your phone to a DNLA compatible device such as Windows Media Player, connected TV and Bluray players.

The app is in beta at the moment and you can give it a try at the Nokia Beta Labs


Nokia Play To for Windows Phone

With the “Play To” application for Nokia Lumia phones you can show pictures and videos wirelessly on other DLNA capable devices (TV’s, BlueRay players, Mediaplayer in Windows 7, etc…) connected to their network.

Future releases of the application are planned to also include support for music.

Your help is needed to make this app GREAT!!

We want to get this great app out in the marketplace for all Nokia customers to enjoy, but we want to make sure they have a great experience.

Please download the application and try it at home with a DLNA-capable device, then let us know if it worked or not (for example, by writing a review if it worked, or submitting a bug report if it doesn’t work). 

Either way, we would like to know the type of router you were using, the make and model of the DLNA device (TV, Blu-Ray player, etc..) you were connecting to or trying to connect to.

Another piece of valuable information would be if your TV/Blu-Ray player was connected to the network via a cable or connected wirelessly.

Please check the known issues with this release before submitting new feedback.

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