At CES Ford told me how they where planning to upgrade current owners MyFord Touch software via USB and today that have started shipping the drives. The free of charge upgrade can be installed by the user at the home, so no need to take it to a dealer. The upgrade has the new UI I saw at CES with includes simpler graphics and text, faster touch screen and improved phone pairing.


TODAY, Ford is delivering on the promise of the “Upgradeable Car” –  more than 300,000 current MyFord Touch owners will be receiving upgrade packages in the mail this week that include a USB flash drive with updated software for at-home installation, all free of charge.The MyFord Touch upgrade provides an improved user experience based on feedback from owners, dealers and employees and includes simpler graphics and text, faster touch screen response and better phone pairing and compatibility. In addition, Ford continues to migrate MyFord Touch across its product line; the 2013 Ford Taurus and Ford Flex will be the first two of seven new models launching this year with the new system.


Attached is an embargoed press release with more details. You can also view a video of the MyFord Touch installation process

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