For the lucky few the Raspberry Pi boards will be shipping soon and I know lots of you will want to get XBMC on it,  today there is an update on the Raspmbc project. There is a new forum for support and there are now nightly builds of XMBC for Raspmbc, you can find out more information on how to get build on their wiki page

You can also support the project by buying a Raspmbc t-shirt!


The next bits for the project are the ones that will finalise it. I need to write up the update system scripts, bring the CDN online and prepare a base file system for first boot on users devices. Then I will churn out early builds and features get added as we go along, much like Crystalbuntu*. I’m going to make a Python addon for XBMC that will allow you to configure everything Raspbmc related from the confines of XBMC (no CLI confusion), but this will take a little while to do. The server will start churning out nightly builds soon. If anyone is thinking about building, it might be an idea to use ccache to speed future builds up!

Remember, I still need your help: If you want to become a CDN mirror, please contact me.

Lastly, I’d like to tell you there are some shirts on for sale with the Raspbmc logo. Head overhere to have a look at what you can get. The prices may seem a little steep, but that’s because they’re printed on demand rather than being back ordered. A very small percentage around 10% goes to cover development costs associated with the project.


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