Regular readers will know I love my F1 and I love my iPad so a multi-screen F1 app for the iPad would put me in F1 nirvana. Talking to t3 Sky have revealed they are launching a dedicated app to compliment its F1 channel. The app will be called “Sky Race Control” is currently in development is going to include a four way split which will be great for race fans.

The app should release in time for the first race of the season March 15th

“There will be apps,” said Martin Turner, Executive Producer on the upcoming Sky Sports F1 HD channel in reference to the company’s planned motor racing coverage. He tantalisingly added: “One of the things that is being developed for the app is the four-way split.”

Remaining somewhat cagey on the matter, Owen Williams Head of Projects in Sky Sport’s Digital Media division said “There are certain things going on at the moment that will happen.” He added: “The aim of Sky Race Control is to replicate the offering across all of our platforms.”

Revealing the users can expect some features to make the cut and others to be passed over Williams said: “It’s not that we are trying to mislead, it’s not that we are trying to be deliberately secretive, a lot of the things being developed then have to go to Apple for submission and I can’t stand up and say “yeah all these things, you will get them coming to an iPad on March 15th.””

Thanks to Jase for the link

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