Raspberry Pi have written a post to clear up the stories going around that the boards have been delayed until September and the cost has had increased:

We’ve had a number of people contact us this morning about a teaser for an interview with David Braben in Eurogamer, which is due to go out next week. It seems to interpret some of the things that David said in a way that he certainly didn’t mean, and has panicked some of you enough to have you sending me horrified emails. Some other bits of the press have picked it up too; Tom’s Hardware currently have a big splash on their homepage saying “Raspberry Pi not available to consumers until September”. You can probably gather that I am not having a fantastic day dealing with this. I’m doing my best to get both articles amended.

You will be able to buy a Raspberry Pi from the end of February, from this website.The “consumer release” that Eurogamer is talking about is actually the educational release, which, as you’ll be aware if you’ve been hanging out on our forums, will come with a kid-targetted software stack, a heap of written support materials, and a standard case.

The model A will cost $25 and the model B will cost $35. These prices will not change (unless we can change them downwards). Price is such an important part of what we’re doing in trying to change the way people use computers that we’d be totally, totally mad to move the price point. The educational release’s case will not add to the price if we can possibly help it.

Good to know they are still on track for the end February

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