The excellent Media Center Themer has been updated to version 1.40,  the new version adds things like string replacements, changing of menus and adding your own custom menu items. So with the app you can completely change the look of Windows Media Center including text and colours and menu items. The clever thing about this app is that it doesn’t permanently change anything in Media Center and best of all it’s free!

Download from the developers site


Change log from version 1.30 to 1.40:

  • The <TextFormat> element has been modified to include <LegacyText>  sub-elements in addition to <Text>. They now replace the old <Legacy> and <String> elements for better organization (see the updated schema).
  • MCML resource files (mcml and xml extensions) are now modified when extracted to look properly formatted when viewed in any text editor (identation and line breaks).
  • The new <Resources>\<Strings> element can be used to replaced any of the text displayed by Media Center, such as menu labels and titles.
  • A new <StartMenu> element has been added. Its <Builtin> element can be used to reorder or hide menus and sub-menus in Media Center’s start menu.
  • The new <Custom> element of <StartMenu> allows for the creation of a custom menu strip with user-defined menu items to launch programs or display web pages.
  • Command line parameters can now be used instead of some registry settings. See the updated documentation for more details.
  • The documentation has been updated new sections have been added to it for the new features.
  • The setup is now copied to Program Files and an uninstall entry is added in Windows’ Control Panel to easily uninstall the application.
  • The setup now creates shortcuts in the Start Menu of Windows.
  • Fixed: the first resource loaded in each DLL was not taken into consideration. This could prevent important files, such as CommonStyles.xml to be logged or replaced.

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