Freeview’s EPG system is to get some interesting new features as part of a standards announcements today. The Digital TV Group which represents technology companies and broadcasters have added scolling back in time to the EPG standard which is designed to work with TV catchup services, Also addd to the standard is remote record protocol so that Freeview manufactures can add remote recording apps to their boxes.  Unfortunately for Windows Media Center users it’s unlikely that these features would be added in to Media Center as there seems to be no development going on with the platform anymore.

via digitalspy

3 thoughts on “Freeview EPGs to get new remote record and VOD features.”
  1. yeah but the space on these boxes is so limited who’s going to chose one over a Media Center setup? no-one with more than 1 braincell

  2. I’ve used a WMC PC with extenders for the last couple of years and a Humax twin tuner box as a day to day PVR before that. There are pros and cons with both, but my mum, wife, and anyone else who uses the telly much prefer the ease of use of the Humax. Having said that, they are now used to surfing the web and using iPlayer et al on the TV. If there were a networkable PVR with a decent browser and the ability to use a bluetooth keyboard I think I’d jump ship now.

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