I have just been over with Ceton and had a great presentation of their new “Q” Media Center system and “Echo” Extenders. I have a really good in-depth video coming soon but I wanted to get a quick post out seeing as its taking ages to get videos edited and uploaded.

The Q Media Center system is built on top of Windows Embedded and is a complete entertainment system, it has the Ceton CableCARD tuner (six tuners!), Bluray player and their own customised UI. It’s part of a whole home entertainment solution with Windows Media Center Extenders, apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS and they are previewing a prototype Windows 8 Metro app that looks really good. With the mobile apps you can browse your media collection regardless of source (including web content) and then play the media on one of the Extenders or the Q system.

The Windows Media Center Extender is a great alternative to the Xbox 360, we have seen other manufactures produce Extenders but they have been discontinued now and while the Xbox works great there are locations where you don’t want a noisy Xbox so a dedicate Extender is the way you want to go. This Extender is a true Media Center extender and not tied to the Q system so users of other systems will be able to connect the Extender up to their systems,

As you will be able to see in our in-depth video Ceton have really thought about what users want from an entertainment system, they have brought back the Windows Media Center extender and have some great apps coming. I think Ceton are the highlight for me this CES and over the next 12 months we are going to see geat things from them. I hope there is a good market out there for them as they have great system.

Video coming soon!



IMG 3877

The code named “Q” system


IMG 3878

The “Echo” Windows Media Center Entender


IMG 3879

Windows 8 Metro app

IMG 3880

Windows 8 Metro app on a TV looking great


IMG 2003

Their Windows Phone app running on an emulator



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      1. Amazon.com don’t ship to the UK. Or when I have tried to buy some things it always says cannot ship to your location. Is there any pricing yet?

  1. brilliant! any idea on when it’s available and what the price point will be? it would be nice to have a stripped down inexpensive model. hopefully not too expensive otherwise what’s the point, if I can just buy a xbox or another PC for the same price…

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