At CES Ceton revelled some of their products coming in the next 12 months. We had an in depth look at their “Q” entertainment system built on top of an embedded version of Windows Media Center, “Echo” Windows Media Center Extender, Windows Phone app and we even had a preview of their great looking Windows 8 Metro app.

For Windows Media Center enthusiast Ceton was the highlight of CES 2012 and their system is very impressive, so sit back relax and watching our detailed look at Ceton’s forthcoming products.



7 thoughts on “Video: In depth looks at Ceton’s “Q” entertainment system, “Echo” Media Center Extender, Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps”
  1. I hope it has the capabilities to rip movies using something like anydvd, and also have commercial skip using show analyzer… If it does I will replace my media center with the q ASAP…

  2. I have really enjoyed my HTPC – InfiniTV4 but like so many users I find the OEM WMC experience to be very unpolished. Improving this requires a substantial time investment to research and customize the user interface. The Q and Echo appear to be groundbreaking developments to address this design shortcoming.

    Let me know if you need a beta tester

  3. Although I do not think the “Q” provides this, what would be nice is a real-time transcoder in the “Q” so that live (or recorded) content could be more efficiently streamed to a mobile device in the home (i.e., lower bit rate) This effectively would make the Q a video gateway device. This would probably also require additional content protection like Microsoft Playready on mobile devices.

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