Today Cyberlink announced PowerDVD 12, their DVD/Bluray and media playback application. In this video Cyberlink take me on a tour of PowerDVD 12 where they showed me some of the new features including:

  • 2D to 3D upscaling
  • Improved UI
  • DLNA features
  • iPad and Android Tablet applications
  • Video Zooming
  • 2D to 3D photos
  • Music Store

If want to go straight to their mobile apps jump to 12:30 in the video


One thought on “Video: Cyberlink take me on a tour of PowerDVD 12”
  1. The transcoding stuff looks good, but you have to have PowerDVD12 installed on the PC where the content is stored right? So what if that PC is a Home Server running WHS, you don’t normally install applications like PowerDVD on the WHS.

    Did they show you the MCE UI ? Was that improved? Still using Arcsoft TMT5 as their MCE UI is better that PowerDVD I think.

    The I like the idea of upscaling low res videos but what was the 2D to 3D like you can’t tell on the video.


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