I just picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note (see my review) and it looks like an update is imminent. Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) update is on the way but in the mean time there is a update coming with lots of nice tweaks.

The update includes a new keyboard which gains a number row and a one handed keyboard mode (no jokes please). A torch widget is included and a brightness level level can be set for the browser separate from the rest of the system. The lockscreen and the calendar app get minor updates

The update will be delivered over the air and comes in at 70mb and as ever the carriers may hold up the update but for unlocked devices like mine the update should be out over the next few days.

UPDATE: I have the update installed, it came down in two updates 70mb and 15mb. The keyboard is better but apart from that I can’t see many other changes

Details from unwired.com

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