Raspberry Pi retails boards now in production

We have been talking about the Raspberry Pi here on TDL for while now and after the prototype boards where sold for big money on eBay the retail boards are now in production. The Raspberry Pi is a charitable project with the aim of bringing low cost educational computers to UK schools and also makes a great enthusiast machine at £29.

Raspberry Pis started being made a couple of days ago, but I was forbidden to tell you about it until signed contracts and receipts for payment had arrived – it’s been killing me, especially since I’ve had tens of you asking me when manufacturing would start every day for the last few weeks. I am not good at keeping secrets.

This means that the first units from the first batch will be rolling off the line at the end of January. This first batch will consist only of Model Bs, although you will be able to buy Model As later on. Details about whether we’ll wait for all 10k to come off the line before starting sales, and about what date we’ll be starting on, will come later; so that gives you something else for you to shift around nervously on your chairs about for at least another week or so.

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