New Year starts and Xtreamer been busy again with more than a handful of products to start 2012 with.

First up is the Xtreamer Elvira priced at €49.


Next up is the Sidewinder 3 priced at €99.


Next up is the Prodigy Silver with integrated wifi priced at €159



Next up is the new Prodigy Black with intergated wifi and DVBT and PVR for the price of €174


Last but not least is the new Xtreamer Ultra 2 more powerful cpu this time and does more priced at €299.

 Ok I lied there is more a USB 3.0 external BluRay Combo  for Xtreamer Ultra 2 for €59 a 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard With  Trackpad for Ultra 2, Prodigy and SideWinder 3 for €30 and a DVB-T Dual Tuner for €30

Coming in March of this year is a European Shop. Quote from the Xtreamer webpage is “Order directly at Xtreamer and get your products via an Europan Hub.  No customs to pay at your door. Shorter delivery terms and a contact  person who is familiar with your customs.

The idea of keeping an online shop in Europe or at all is due to the  motivation of our company wants to keep a close relationship with  you and wants to keep the retailers alert..

During March 2012 the shop will be operational and active.

Not all items will be offered on this shop. We will serve customers  on first to order first to be shipped. Items bought from this shop will be returned in case of RMA to be handled by this shop.”

For more information about all the specs for each of the products please visit




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