I just got an email from Netflix announcing their service is now available in the UK and inviting users to sign up for a one months free trial. The starting price is 5.99 per month for online streaming only. No discs in the post service yet.

I am pretty tempted to cancel my Love Film subscription and switch to Netflix, but only if I can get Netflix in Windows Media Center?

I actually called Netflix, the person I spoke to said I can use the browser and Silverlight but he was not sure about the WMC add-in. I would assume for UK users to get the Netflix add-in in WMC they will have to change their locale to the US. I will try and contact Microsoft to find out more.


4 thoughts on “Netflix is now available in the UK!”
  1. I’m the same as everyone else it seems – LoveFilm subscriber who wuold happily switch if NetFlix provide access to the Media Centre app.

    I’ve badgered LoveFilm ever since they started streaming, pointing them to the US NetFlix MCE add-in and explaining how I want their streaming service integrated but they seem to have done zip in this space.

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