A quick write up on Macrotube which adds YouTube, YouTube HD, Daily Motion and MSN Soapbox videos and more into Windows Media Center.


Go to this page download either the 32bit or 64bit installer file, run it and install the add-in.


Now YouTube will NOT work out of the box and we want to add YouTube HD content as well. You need to update and replace a couple of XML files to get it to work.

Example of Youtube not working:


Go to this page and download the two XML files to a temp folder. Now renamed the files as shown below:

YouTubeHD_20110830.xml –> YouTubeHD.xml

YouTube _20110827.xml –> YouTube.xml

Now move your renamed XML files in to the following folder:


When you open Macrotube again you see now that YouTube HD has also been added


The YouTube videos will now play as expected.


Tip: I find that selecting Relevance rather than Date on the pivot menu will yield better search results.


6 thoughts on “How to install & fix Macrotube for MCE”
  1. Hmmm… I don’t see the comment that I have put in yesterday.

    Anyway… the workaround above worked until somewhere last January. Now only YouTube HD still works. Is there a way to get YouTube SD to work again as well?

  2. I didn’t notice the YouTube SD has stopped working? Will try it on mine later.
    We might have to try and contact the person who posted the XML files on the Google code site
    maybe they can fix it again?

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