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Each year I like to post a selection of photos from CES so here are some from the 2012 show.

Nokia advertising was all over Las Vegas, the airport and even the Monorail:

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Over at Microsoft’s booth they focused on Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Windows 7 and a selection of hardware. They also had a demo of Windows 8 and a big metro video wall

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I loaded Windows Media Center up on a few machines


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There was an Automotive section at CES with Ford, Kia, Audi and Mercedes

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Nokia where showing of their Windows Phones

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Samsung had one of the biggest booths and was always busy. I was surprised by how much I liked the Galaxy Note (review coming soon)

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IMG 3869

It makes my iPhone look very small

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There were hundreds of Galaxy phones and tablets and one Windows Phone!

IMG 2016

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Samsung had lots of big TVs

IMG 2010

IMG 2011


Microsoft Surface 2.0

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LG, Sony and Panasonic all had equally large booths with tons of 3D TV and all of them had app capabilities.

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Recom’s Embedded Media Center box

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IMG 2031


Ceton’s great demo room

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IMG 3876

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The law was that every booth had some form of Angry Birds display…

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