The Building Windows 8 Blog continues to talk about Windows 8 features and the latest post is about file management. One thing I found interesting is the amount of feedback Microsoft can get for something as simple as file copying dialogues. Microsoft say that they had over 2200 comments on one post about the copy experience, processing that about of feedback is an immense task and I would imagine many of contradicting.

Anyway in this post they talk about the dialogue boxes around copying files and the scenarios that can happen such as conflict resolution. It’s fascinating to see the thought that goes in to each scenario.


As we approach our next public milestone, we will begin to circle back to topics we covered in the blog and talk about the changes we’ve made to the product since the Developer Preview. As we’ve said often, we read the comments, newsgroup discussions, and reviews that have been written about Windows 8 and track the feedback carefully. We listen to this feedback by taking into account the source of the feedback and factoring in the intended audience for features as well as trying to reconcile conflicting feedback (no matter how many thumbs up votes there might be, we can promise that, for any design worth discussing, there are conflicting and equally valid points of view). Of course, we always consider the engineering feasibility of any changes we make—compatibility, security, performance, and so on.

Ilana Smith, a lead program manager on the Engineering System team, authored this post.

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