Boxee introduce a new Facebook app to extend Live TV into your Facebook Timeline


Today Boxee announced a new Facebook app that will share what your watching on your Facebook Timeline. With the app you can discover video and share recommendations with your Facebook friends.The app ties in to what your watching with the TV tuner so I am not to sure of the features without a tuner but checkout the Boxee blog for more details.

I should have a video I recorded with Boxee up soon


Today at CES, we’re announcing a new Facebook app to extend Live TV beyond your living room and onto your Facebook Timeline.

Boxee was built from the ground up to allow you to share with friends and receive video recommendations from them.  With a Boxee Box & Live TV there’s nearly an infinite amount of video to watch.  To help you sift through it all, we’re taking social one step further.

Boxee is one of the first TV apps to let you share what you’re watching on your Timeline and to help you sort through what’s on.  The new TV app for Facebook Timeline will make it easy to discover new video with friends and share the experience with them. Let me show you what we’re talking about.


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