Last week I reviewed DVBLink for Windows Phone and today I am going to look at the iPad/iPhone version. The iOS version looks totally different than the Windows Phone version and looks great on the iPad, it launches straight in to the EPG view where you get a view of the channels. You can scroll up and down through the channels and pan to right to view upcoming shows, its a really nice way to view the EPG data and is well laid out. You can touch on a channel to view live TV or press on a show to view the show meta data, from there you can record the show or record the series.


You can also view a list of upcoming recordings where again you can view the metadata and there is a search option where you can search through the EPG data.


Where the iOS version differs from the Windows Phone version is that you can have connections to multiple DVBLink servers, which as well as being great if you have DVBLink installed on more than one PC it is essential if your going to connect to DVBLink over the internet as well as via the local network. Using this I was able to have a connection to the server via my LAN and a connection via my external IP address, so I could watch live TV on my iPad over the internet. Another advantage the iOS version has over the Windows Phone version is the automatic video quality which attempts to select the best video quality level for your internet connection, so it should reduce the bitrate as needed and increase it if you have a fast connection. You can also select the audio track and screen resolution so you could drop it down from 1024×768 to 341×256 for low bandwidth situations.

As far as watching TV the iPad is great, the picture quality is excellent over the local network and with Airplay you can send the video to an Apple TV so you can use the iPad as an extender.

Overall the iOS version has more features than the Windows Phone and the option to connect to multiple server is a real advantage but as far as watching live TV all the DVBLink client offer the same features and it great to be able to have live TV on my iPad and iPhone.


The app is free from the app store

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