Recorded TV HD is a Windows Media Center addin that helps organize your TV collection. The addin has been updated 1.6.0 and has a new media center like theme, integration with My Channel Logos and the ability to add your own posters. There is a 60 trial and the full version is $19.99.

Details from Recorded TV HD


    • Recorded TV HD v1.6.0 – 12/22/2011

      • Added ‘media center like’ theme/view.

      • Added integration with My Channel Logos. All channel logos are displayed if My Channel Logos is installed when using version 2 of MCL. If you are using V1 of MCL you will not get affiliate logos (abc, cbs, nbc, etc.)

      • Added ability to add your own posters for genres when using poster view.

      • Made some UI changes including different animations when certain things are focused upon.

      • Added ‘search’ menu strip item option (an automated workaround)

      • Added season and episode information to the interface for each episode.

      • Added ability to set a new scheduled recording to favorites lists before it records. Just select the scheduled recording in the UI. You can also do it from within the settings program.

      • Added sort/group by channel header option. Also includes channel logos in poster view if My Channel Logos is installed.

      • Added a scheduled recording cache so if you exceed the Media Center limit you can still see scheduled recordings from the cache.

      • Added a favorite icon in the scheduled recordings list to show which scheduled recordings are in a favorites list.

      • Added option to turn off poster recording count badges.

      • Improved navigation if using a mouse.

      • Fixed a couple of reported bugs… Left and right arrow keys were not working on episode page when using list view. Checkbox for ‘hide recorded movies from standard view’ was not saving properly.

      • Fixed missing episode information on bottom of screen when the group by series option is unchecked for date recorded and you are sorting by genre and or a couple of others.

      • Made Commercial Break Viewer a little bit faster and hopefully less prone to the “stuck on blue media center screen” issue.

      • Made some other slight UI changes.

      • Fixed problem if the series does not show up in the Series Override tab even if the episodes are listed in the Episodes Override tab in the settings program.

      • Fixed sorting problem when adding some other file types.

      • Reduced setup file size by optimizing some images.

      • Some changes in the settings program where made.

      • In poster and ‘media center like’ theme/view you can use ff/rw or skip forward and back to change the header option in that direction.

      • Changed service so that if a network location is no longer available it will not remove episodes from the database. If you try to play a file located on a disconnected network location you will simply get a Media Center file not found error.

      • Made changing between header options more smooth with better user interaction.

      • Other bugs and smaller changes.

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