iTunes Match has launched in the US in November and in the UK a couple of weeks ago and there has been plenty of confusion over what it is and how it works. To help make it clearer Apple have published a FAQ and video walkthrough.

Have any of you jump in to iTunes Match? If so what how have you found it?

With iTunes in the Cloud, the music you buy from the iTunes Store automatically appears on all your devices.1 And for music you haven’t purchased from iTunes, iTunes Match is the perfect solution. iTunes Match is built right into iTunes on your computer and the Music app on your iOS devices.2 It lets you store your entire collection in iCloud, even music you’ve imported from CDs or purchased somewhere other than iTunes. When it’s in iCloud, it’s available on all your devices. So you can enjoy all your music anywhere, anytime — on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV.

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