We are big fans of Airplay here on TDL with apps for Windows and Windows Media Center bridging the gaps between eco-systems so I was interested to see that their is an Airplay app for Google TV. Airtight for Android adds Airplay to Google TV so you can send videos and pictures from an iOS device,  the app costs £0.99 from the Android Marketplace.

Airtight brings Airplay functionality to your Google TV

It’s Airplay for your Google TV!

Stream videos and pictures from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch directly to your TV.

If you discover any bugs, please contact us. We’ll be glad to help.

– Mirroring is currently not supported
– Movies protected by DRM are currently not supported
– Music is not yet supported (but we’re looking into it)

This app is not affiliated with Apple in any way.

via UWHS

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