This week has been a relatively slow week for Windows Phone although the rollout of “Mango” took another step closer to being available to 100% of devices with the news that Mango rolling out on Deutsche Telekom and that includes my carrier T-Mobile UK.  This meant that I could finally get my hands on the OEM drivers that I was missing and even better it turns out that T-Mobile UK have enabled “internet sharing” aka tethering.

The advertising onslaught continued with the Nokia Arch launched at Westfield Stratford and also New Nokia Lumia 800 ad shows up in London’s Heathrow Airport.  It’s also nice to see Nokia offering a way to Transfer contacts from Symbian to Nokia Windows Phone via Bluetooth since with Symbian handsets this data is normally stored on the handset rather than the cloud (as it is with Windows Phone).  It was also revealed that Nokia Maps coming to all Windows Phone devices in coming weeks although this will be without voice guided turn-by-turn which understandably is being reserved for Nokia devices only.

As I mentioned in last weeks post I dropped into one of the Windows Phone User Group (WPUG) meetings and one of the developers presented a demo of an unpublished app called Parking Pal UK which you can now get from the marketplace.

Lastly there is a big event being held in NYC on the 7th November and Brandon Watson (twitter) has been teasing us with tweats today.  I’m sure we’ll be talking about the event on this weeks TDL Mobile so make sure to listen.

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  1. Picked up the Samsung Focus S and could not be more happy. Finally a stateside WP7 that was worth the wait. Sorry Nokia, I cant wait another 6 months for you to ship the 800, I will catch up with you for WP8…

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