PacketVideo have today two new apps and a new service: myTwonky (beta), Twonky Music, Twonky Video. myTwonky is a service that enable easy discovery of music and and videos by telling myTwonky what topics you are most interested in and then it will stream related videos along with your own media content. The two Android apps are Twonky music and Twonky video which give you access to the online content as well as your own content on your Android device, both support DLNA and Airplay so you can stream content to DLNA enabled devices as well as an Apple TV.

myTwonky is a free signup and the two Android apps are available in the Android App Market.


New Twonky Products Bring Users Customized Media Content – No Search Needed

myTwonky media service, Twonky Video  and Twonky Music apps let you discover, store and beam music, videos and photos anytime, anywhere


·PacketVideo announced today the release of myTwonky (beta), Twonky Video app and Twonky Music app.

·The suite of free products provides easy access to your existing library of music, photos and videos – as well as new content from the Web – whenever, wherever on your smartphone, PC or Mac.

·myTwonky is a user-customized Web portal that searches the Internet for new content based on your personal video, photo and music preferences – eliminating the need to comb the Internet one website at a time for new, relevant content.

·Simply tell myTwonky what topics you are most interested in (e.g., Lady Gaga or the San Francisco Giants) and you’ll instantly receive a running stream of related videos, side-by-side with videos, music and photos from your existing library of media content.

oOnce you create a free Twonky account, you can begin creating specific video channels and bookmarking you favorite content for easy playback.

oSelect streaming radio stations by genre and view your own music library in the same location.

oIntegrate your Facebook, Flickr and other social media networks with myTwonky for easy access to multimedia stored within those networks. You can also share content found using myTwonky directly with your social networks.

·When coupled with the Twonky Music app and Twonky Video app, myTwonky gives you the ability to access both online and personal content anytime.

oPreferences set within your myTwonky account translate to your Twonky Music and Twonky Video apps, eliminating the need to reset you personal settings for each platform.

·Using the free Twonky Music app for Android, you can access your existing music library and create personalized and genre-specific streaming radio channels, as well as access music stations remotely with no time limit.

oYou can also discover artist bios, news and song lyrics using Twonky Music’s “more info” feature.

·The free Twonky Video app for Android, gives you the option to either browse online for your favorite video clips or access personal video content stored on your phone or home network.

·Giving you even more freedom to enjoy your videos, music and photos on more devices, myTwonky also contains Twonky’s patent pending Beaming technology that allows you to beam content found within your myTwonky account with any Web-connected TV or device in your home.

oTwonky Music app and Twonky Video app work with Airplay-enabled devices, such as Apple TV, and UPnP- and DLNA-certified devices.

omyTwonky currently supports UPnP and DLNA-certified devices, and will support Airplay-enabled devices soon.

·Adults can use myTwonky’s parental controls to ensure kids are receiving appropriate media content.

· myTwonky is currently available at Twonky Video and Twonky Music apps are available in the Android App Marketplace.

· Please contact Kelly Pakula with questions or to arrange an interview.


“Nowhere else online can you aggregate both content found across the Web and personal media stored on your home network in one place. With myTwonky you can discover new music, videos and photos without ever having to type a keyword into a search bar.” – Osama Al-Shaykh, CTO, PacketVideo

“Our goal with myTwonky and the Twonky Music and Video apps was to reimagine how people collect and consume media content. We’re creating a truly immersive experience that lets you easily engage with your existing media library, what you find on the Web, things you already love and things you are about to love.” – Jim Brailean, CEO, PacketVideo


· Click here to sign up for a free myTwonky account.

· Click here to download Twonky Video from the Android App Market.

· Click here to download Twonky Music from the Android App Market

· Click here to access more information on Twonky.


Founded in 1998, PacketVideo is the software pioneer powering the world’s leading multimedia services on millions of home and mobile devices. For more information, visit Twonky ( is PV’s line of consumer software.

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