Recorded TV HD for Windows Media Center has even updated to beta 1.5.9. The beta adds a ‘media center like’ theme/view,  user created posters and lots of fixes.

Download the latest beta version of Recorded TV HD here and full details below:


Latest Beta Version: 1.5.9

Changes since the last official release:

  • Added ‘media center like’ theme/view… see screenshots below
  • Added ability to add your own posters for genres when using poster view.
  • Made some UI changes including different animations when certain things are focused upon.
  • Improved navigation if using a mouse.
  • Fixed missing episode information on bottom of screen on episode list/other screens (bug only in beta 1.5.6)
  • Fixed missing episode information on bottom of screen when the group by series option is unchecked for date recorded and you are sorting by genre and or a couple of others.
  • Added ‘search’ menu strip item option (an automated workaround)
  • Added integration with My Channel Logos. All channel logos are displayed if My Channel Logos is installed when using version 2 of MCL. If you are using V1 of MCL you will not get affiliate logos (abc, cbs, nbc, etc.)
  • Added season and episode information to the interface for each episode.
  • Added ability to set a new scheduled recording to favorites lists before it records. Just select the scheduled recording in the UI. You can also do it from within the settings program.
  • Added sort/group by channel header option. Also includes channel logos in poster view if My Channel Logos is installed.
  • Added a scheduled recording cache so if you exceed the Media Center limit you can still see scheduled recordings from the cache.
  • Added a favorite icon in the scheduled recordings list to show which scheduled recordings are in a favorites list.
  • Added option to turn off poster recording count badges.
  • Made Commercial Break Viewer a little bit faster and hopefully less prone to the “stuck on blue media center screen” issue.
  • Made some other slight UI changes.
  • Fixed problem if the series does not show up in the Series Override tab even if the episodes are listed in the Episodes Override tab in the settings program.
  • Fixed sorting problem when adding some other file types.
  • Reduced setup file size by optimizing some images.
  • Some changes in the settings program where made.
  • Other bugs

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