QVIVO is media center type application that combines Facebook integration and cloud storage. They have been in beta for a while an now the Mac and PC release versions are available. QVIVO builds a library of your music, TV shows and pictures and you get a really nice cover art based UI.  Along with the Windows and Mac versions there is a cloud version where you can have your collection synced up and used the cloud media player to view/listen to you content.  They say that iOS and Android apps are on the way along with support for “many more devices” (I hope that means Windows Phone)

When I signed in they gave me 10GB of cloud storage and I have a couple of invite codes codes to give away, I did try installing the latest version but there seem to be some issues with the download.

Say hello to QVIVO®. A smart new way to manage your media. Enjoy your movies, TV shows and music through the desktop app then upload your media to the QVIVO Cloud to enjoy through a browser or any device with a QVIVO app.

The free QVIVO app for Windows and Mac automatically imports your movie, TV and music files from around the home into beautiful libraries.
Showcase your collection with cover-art, trailers and even subtitles. QVIVO supports all files and formats.

Sign in to any QVIVO app and smile as your entire media collection appears like magic. All your favorite artwork, playlists and social chats are carried across devices. Videos even resume where you last paused them.

Available soon for your mobile device. Stream your entire collection from the QVIVO Cloud where ever you are in the world and free yourself from syncing devices and juggling thumb drives.
Tip: Your QVIVO smart phone app turns into a remote control for any other QVIVO app it finds on your home network.

QVIVO apps will automatically sync your media library, artwork, subtitles, last-played times and more. To stream your media files outside the home, visit the QVIVO Cloud Manager website and choose which files you’d like on the QVIVO Cloud. QVIVO will take care of everything – including uploading and converting your files to work with all your favorite devices.


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