I am really excited to bring you a new podcast called The World of Windows with Ed Bott and Mike Halsey.

In the pilot episode Ed and Mike talk about a range of Windows topics including Windows 7 sales, the death of mobile Flash, Windows Phone 7.5 launch, Samsung to ship Windows 8 tablets and Apple kicking out a developer from the developer program for revelling security vulnerability. Mike also talks about using System Restore with Windows 7

Mike has a fantastic giveaway including “The Windows 7 Resource Kit”, 1 copy of “Windows 7 Inside Out Deluxe Edition” and a signed copy of “Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out” with a chance at winning the Windows 7 Tablet computer. More details on Mike’s Facebook page.

You can find Ed at and Mike at and make sure you checkout our other podcasts here on TDL

Listen or download the podcast and please let us know what you think about show.
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6 thoughts on “Podcast: The World of Windows with Ed Bott and Mike Halsey”
  1. Great to have a podcast from two respected bloggers that I read regularly. Looking forward to more discussions around Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7/8 including how Microsoft’s 3-screens-and-a-cloud strategy is coming together with Metro spreading it’s wings to Windows and Xbox (the latter under NDA right now of course).

    With regards the competition I’m sad to see it is through Facebook as I’m really anti-FB and so don’t have an account. Perhaps it could be extended to run through TDL too?

    That said I just purchased an Iconia Tab W500 and anyone who wins it will find it gives a great Windows 8 experience even though it’s far from the hardware that would be in true Windows 8 tablets/slates.

    Looking forward to show #2 already.

  2. After noticing again the dormant World of Windows entry in my feedcatcher I’ve decided this is the quickest case of “podburn” on record.

    Too bad, pilot was very good for a first shot.

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