While recording this weeks podcast (streaming live tonight and will be out on Thursday) we talk about the updates to My Movies and I thought I better get a post up details the latest changes.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management have been updated to 4.02 PR7

Fix: Issue with automatic update of online collection.
Fix: Exception could occur when uploading collection changes if database became unavailable.
Fix: Exception could occur when inserting a damaged disc.
Fix: Incorrect attempt to display a dialog if user already exited application.
Fix: Exception could occur if network drive became unavailable.
Fix: Collection sync now ignores episodes that are local only.
Fix: Error in TVUpdateStatus when chaning lock on possible updates.
Fix: Minor error when changing banner on TV Series

My Movies for Windows Home Server has been updated to 2.10 PR6

Fix: Update of Title Collection used wrong indexing.

A couple of weeks ago the Mac version was also updated to V1.01

What’s New in Version 1.01

– Title search dialog now remembers country selection. 
– Search function extended to allow user to select in Title, Director, Cast, Notes, Tags or other options. 
– Fixes a random crash after adding multiple titles.

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