MCE Reset Toolbox is a great addin for Windows Media Center that has a ton of features including backups, guide tools and artwork tools. The app has been updated to version 3.5 which adds auto updater and lots of big fixes.

V3.5 was only released yesterday and the developer has detailed some of the changes coming in v4. Download the 64bit and 32bit version from


List of changes in Version 3.5

Added application auto updater, now runs as a Windows Task.

Application settings, such as customizer and themer are now applied to the registry and are retrieved on launch after an upgrade.

Fixed application installer, where on some PC’s the application would not install. (Testing)

Fixed tile image not displaying in Media Center when custom strip created.

Fixed WPF Rendering affected only some PC’s.

Fixed Series Artwork collector x64.

List of changes in Version 3

Improved Series Artwork collector

International Logo support added

Added support to change Media Center Backgrounds per page.

Fixed DigiGuide Grabber config reported no channel data


Coming in Version 4

Logo auto updater.

New Media Center Strip organizser.

Delete channel to be added to the edit guide channels.

Improved MXF Guide Loader.

Media Center Logo spacing and number removal as requested.

Further improvements or fixes will be posted here.

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