Iomega TV with Boxee released in the UK tomorrow but not heading to the US yet.

Way back in January at CES Boxee announced that Iomega where going to be bringing out a Boxee box and finally tomorrow its going to be available on Amazon.  There are two version available, there is the £219 Iomega TV without storage which is essentially the same as the D-Link box and there is the £299.99 box with 2TB of storage.  I am not sure if the market needs another box but the addition of local storage is an advantage over the D-Link box.  Not so good news for US readers, according to the Iomega are not planning to launch the box in the US:

“Currently, there are no plans to launch Iomega TV with Boxee in North America,” Iomega’s Senior Director of Worldwide Communications and Public Relations, Chris Romoser

Anybody thinking of getting one?


  • The Iomega TV with Boxee + Network Storage helps you make themost of what the internet has to offer – films, TV programmes and music on yourtelevision.
  • Surf the net to find what you like fromhuge libraries like YouTube or OpenFilm and share them however you likeincluding on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.
  • Or connect to your home network usingthe Iomega TV with Boxee + Network Storage Personal Cloud.
  • And save all your data (AVI, MP4, MKV, MP3, WMA, OGG etc.
  • Full 12-month UK manufacturer’s warranty included.
  • Take your favourite Internet shows/movies to the widescreen: Watch live video or stream movies on demand. Surf the Web. Settle on for a slideshow of your latest vacation photos. All on the biggest TV in your house
  • It’s the only technology of its kind: Iomega TV also serves as back up storage with advanced network capabilities- this means you can save, manage and share all your files, videos and photos over your home network. Plus, you can access your information anytime, anywhere via Iomega Personal Cloud.
  • Watch what you want- when you want: Get thousands of TV show episodes from local TV sites available on Internet in your country
  • Share with your friends: On Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and all your favourite social media sites. Iomega TV can automatically deliver recommendations from your friends directly to your TV- and let you share your favourites with them too.
  • No Fees. Ever: There’s no recurring fee to use Iomega TV. Get instant access to all the entertainment the web has to offer, forever. No rules. No Contracts. No kidding.

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