Way back in January at CES Boxee announced that Iomega where going to be bringing out a Boxee box and finally tomorrow its going to be available on Amazon.  There are two version available, there is the £219 Iomega TV without storage which is essentially the same as the D-Link box and there is the £299.99 box with 2TB of storage.  I am not sure if the market needs another box but the addition of local storage is an advantage over the D-Link box.  Not so good news for US readers, according to gigaom.com the Iomega are not planning to launch the box in the US:

“Currently, there are no plans to launch Iomega TV with Boxee in North America,” Iomega’s Senior Director of Worldwide Communications and Public Relations, Chris Romoser

Anybody thinking of getting one?


  • The Iomega TV with Boxee + Network Storage helps you make themost of what the internet has to offer – films, TV programmes and music on yourtelevision.
  • Surf the net to find what you like fromhuge libraries like YouTube or OpenFilm and share them however you likeincluding on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.
  • Or connect to your home network usingthe Iomega TV with Boxee + Network Storage Personal Cloud.
  • And save all your data (AVI, MP4, MKV, MP3, WMA, OGG etc.
  • Full 12-month UK manufacturer’s warranty included.
  • Take your favourite Internet shows/movies to the widescreen: Watch live video or stream movies on demand. Surf the Web. Settle on for a slideshow of your latest vacation photos. All on the biggest TV in your house
  • It’s the only technology of its kind: Iomega TV also serves as back up storage with advanced network capabilities- this means you can save, manage and share all your files, videos and photos over your home network. Plus, you can access your information anytime, anywhere via Iomega Personal Cloud.
  • Watch what you want- when you want: Get thousands of TV show episodes from local TV sites available on Internet in your country
  • Share with your friends: On Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and all your favourite social media sites. Iomega TV can automatically deliver recommendations from your friends directly to your TV- and let you share your favourites with them too.
  • No Fees. Ever: There’s no recurring fee to use Iomega TV. Get instant access to all the entertainment the web has to offer, forever. No rules. No Contracts. No kidding.

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