Here’s a merger of services that makes sense. According to an e-mail sent out to Google Checkout merchants, Google Checkout will become part of Google’s new Wallet service over the coming months. This benefits both merchants and customers since all purchase history and tracking would be consolidated in a single place and would include purchases made on the web, as well as at physical locations using mobile NFC to complete transactions. According to the communique, no action is necessary until early 2012 when merchants, developers and organizations that use Google Checkout will be asked to change any text or ads to reflect the new Wallet service. The e-mail can be found below in its entirety.




Thank you for using Google Checkout. We’re writing about an important change coming to Google Checkout over the next few months – Google Checkout is becoming part of Google Wallet. To help you learn more about this transition, we’ll be hosting a webinar (

Please note that space in the webinar is limited, but we’ll have a recording posted for those who aren’t able to attend.


Google Wallet is a virtual wallet that securely stores payment information and makes paying fast both online and in-store. On the web, buyers simply click a Google Wallet button to make quick and secure purchases with their saved payment information. Buyers can also use the Google Wallet mobile app to make purchases at thousands of retail store locations with just a tap of the phone.


Google Checkout buyers will now manage all Google Checkout and Google Wallet orders at Buyers will be able to make purchases with their existing accounts at sites that accept either Google Checkout or Google Wallet.


At this time, there’s no action required from you. In early 2012, we’ll ask merchants, organizations and developers who use Google Checkout to sell items or collect donations to change any website text that talks about Google Checkout to Google Wallet. No additional integration or other technical updates will be necessary. If you use Google Checkout through a third party shopping cart, your cart provider will make any necessary changes.


If you have questions or want to learn more, please attend or view our webinar and visit our website ( We’re looking forward to bringing these new Google Wallet features to your customers and will email you again in the next few months to let you know when to expect the Google Wallet button.




The Google Checkout Team”

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