LEGO Star Wars

Microsoft have announced a new new hard drive for the Xbox 360. The 320GB drive is compatible with Xbox 360 S Consoles and should give you plenty of space for games movies and TV shows. The drive is going to cost $129.99 (£79.99)

UPDDATED: Removed the 250 pic and added the 320. It looks like the 320 may not be available in the UK (at least yet), as I took the incorrect image and details from the UK site which doesn’t list the bigger drive

Details from Microsoft:

With a whopping 320 GB, you’ll get more space for games, HD movies, TV shows, music and demos. You can even install game discs to your hard drive. The hard drive includes the full downloadable Xbox 360® game LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (as a downloadable game from Xbox LIVE).

  • Works with Xbox 360 S consoles
  • Plenty of space for the content you want
  • Includes Xbox 360 game LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
  • Find out more about Xbox 360 storage devices here

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