Samsung Series 7 Slate

It seems like the Windows 8 Developer Preview has given new life to the Windows tablet market with Dell having one on the way and now Samsung have their Series 7 slate on pre-order. The slate as a core i5, dual webcams and 128GB solid state drive.

It comes with Windows 7 but I am sure it would be great with Windows 8 but at $1299 from the Microsoft Store its not a cheap toy. No details on UK availability yet.


The Samsung Series 7 slate gives you full PC power packed into an ultraportable device, taking mobility to a new level with a touch-focused design. It weighs just shy of two pounds and is only a half-inch thick, making it perfect for users who need a slim, lightweight computer but don’t want to sacrifice true PC functionality. Its 11.6-inch display supports 10-digit and stylus input for excellent ease of use no matter what you want it to do.
• Intel Core i5-2467M processor and 4 GB of RAM give you fast system performance and responsiveness
• Display’s 170-degree viewing angle makes it easy to share and view content from anywhere
• Dual webcams (2 MP front, 3 MP rear) perfect for capturing audio and visual files
• 128 GB solid state drive provides faster, more durable performance than standard hard drive technology
This PC comes with Microsoft Signature
Your PC will arrive tuned and configured for maximum performance—right out of the box.
• 90 days of free phone support for virtually anything you need
• Includes Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus software
• Preloaded with a suite of useful Microsoft applications and services
• Contains no trialware or sample software that can slow your PC

Samsung Series 7 Slate

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    1. Think of it as a high-performance Laptop that comes with a completely detachable keyboard… The price is comparable with that class of device. It is, after all, a full Windows 7 device, not a stripped-down toy tablet. 🙂

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