The Recorded TV HD for Windows Media Center has updated with a nice new poster view as well as new colour schemes and additions and fixes. The addin really enhances the functionality of Media Center’s TV features and well worth giving the 60 day free trial a go. If you like it the full version costs $20.00

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Recorded TV HD v1.5.2 – 10/25/2011
  • Poster view options – View 1 or 2 rows of posters instead of the series list.
  • Added white color scheme.
  • Added repeating header options in the Media Center interface.
  • Added “group by season” option when you have episodes in more than one season (turned on by default), also downloads season posters when using poster view.
  • Added episode metadata override options in settings program.
  • Added preview screenshots of different appearance options in settings program.
  • Fixed sorting problem on the episodes list screen.
  • Fixed issues with some other file type episodes not loading correctly due to corrupted XML metadata files.
  • Fixed issue with view scheduled error message popping up over and over. It will now only popup once if there is an error.
  • Fixed other bugs.
One thought on “Recorded TV HD Addin for Windows Media Center updated to v1.5.2”
  1. Just a little clarification…. It is a 30 day trial, but if you have tried Recorded TV HD in the past and your trial expired 60+ days ago you will automatically receive a new 30 days to try it again. I’ve made a whole lot of changes and thought people might want to try it again.


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