PacketVideo have released Twonky Beam Browser app that enables you to beam videos from an iPad or Android tablet to any connected device in your home network. With the app you can control video playback and volume and add videos to a queue for streaming.

The App is a web browser that can pick out the video from a web page and send it to a DNLA receiver or Play To target (Including Windows Media Center on the Xbox 360)

Get the app from Android Market or the  iTunes App Store both are free.

Checkout the video showing how it works


New Twonky™ App Beams Videos from Your Tablet to TV

Search and wirelessly beam video from your tablet to your TV with

Twonky™ Beam Browser


·PacketVideo announced today its Twonky™ Beam Browser video streaming app is now available for iPad and Android tablet users. With Twonky Beam Browser, you can browse Web videos on your tablet and beam them directly to any Internet-connected TV, without needing cables to connect to devices.

·The Twonky Beam Browser homepage shows you recommended websites with videos available to beam. You may also browse websites not included in this list and beamable videos are indicated with a Twonky Beam button.  These sites can then be added as a bookmark.

·Twonky Beam Browser features:

o Control your videos – Beam a video to the big screen and use your tablet to control playbacks, volume and more.

o Queue & save content – Find and add as many videos to the beam queue as you want and beam now or bookmark them for later viewing.

o Seamlessly read & watch – Beam video embedded in news articles to your TVinstantly while you continue to read the article on your tablet.

·Twonky Beam Browser is now available as a free download in Android Market or App Store.

·Twonky Beam Browser will run on Apple and Android tablets.


“All of our Twonky products are created to improve the digital experience and, since tablets represent a new platform for engaging with digital content, they’re a natural extension for us. Twonky Beam Browser makes it easy to discover new video content and have the best possible viewing experience by instantly beaming it from the tablet to the TV.” – Osama Al-Shaykh, CTO of PacketVideo

“Adding Twonky Beam Browser to our app portfolio streamlines the discovery and enjoyment of video content from the tablet. Our new free tablet app brings beaming to your fingertips – you simply select videos through the app and beam them wireless to your TV, no special cables or costly adapters required.” – Rick Schwartz, Director of Connected Home Software at PacketVideo


Click on the link to access information on Twonky.

Click on the link to access the Android demo.

Click on the link to access the iPad demo.

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