From the DVBLogic site:

DVBLogic are extremely proud to announce release of the DVBLink v4 products!
Rebuilt using new architecture version 4 forms the basis for further development and extension of the DVBLink product suit.
DVBLink v4 products have a lot new features, improvements and fixes over previous version. The most notable of them are:

  • More intuitive and easier Windows MediaCenter setup
  • Support of up to 8 virtual tuners in Windows MediaCenter
  • Web based DVBLink server configuration
  • New DVBLink Connect! Server with support for live TV, timer scheduling and EPG on Android, IPhone, IPad and Windows Mobile devices
  • DVBLink Boxee client that enables watching live TV on Linux and Mac computers as well as in Boxee Box itself
  • DVBLink Remote API, which can be used to create 3rd party DVBLink clients

DVBLink v4 launch is accompanied with launch of DVBLogic Wiki. It is the place to go for Installation and Configuration manuals, FAQ’s and How-To’s. We all hope that it will make installation and configuration of DVBLink products much easier and faster.
DVBLink v4 is a paid upgrade for v2/v3 owners who purchased products before 1 July 2011. For those who have purchased DVBLink products on or after that date the upgrade is free of charge.
We would like to thank all of our beta testers who provided their valueable input.
DVBLink v4 products can be downloaded from the first page of our website.



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    1. 10 Euros one off fee for all products. Follow the link above to the DVBLogic Wiki above for more details including free upgrade for very recent purchases.

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