Apple has officially taken the wraps off the new iPhone, the iPhone 4S. It looks like its only a minor update to the current iPhone 4, it has a dual-core A5 processor, 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video capture, and has better battery performance.

Apple also demonstrated new voice control system called Siri then enables you to talk in plain english to the phone and it makes sense of your commands, e.g. “Am I free on Friday afternoon” and then Siri checks and talks back to you. Great demo but I am not sure if I would use it.

This voice control is only available in the iPhone 4S which is a shame as apart from that there are not a lot of other reasons to upgrade if you have an iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S will come in 16gb, 32gb and 64gb editions  and will be available here in the UK on October 14th. Pre-Orders start on the 7th.

More details soon.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4S Announced Coming To The UK October 14th”
  1. iPhone’s are great and all but the PAYG prices are terrible. £500+ for a phone is just mental no matter how much you use it.

    Saying that I’d never pay £30 a month either.

  2. 16 month wait for what exactly? An app! Something they bought and is voice activated.

    Voice activation is ok at best, be interested to see how this is done.

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