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Back in April Hauppauge  launched a TV tuner that could stream live TV to an iPhone or iPad, at the Gadget Show Live we saw the tuner and action (checkout my video from the show). Today have announced support for Android tablets and phones (running version 2.2 and above with a Flash enables browser).

The Broadway 2T tuner is a standalone box that you connect to your network and has dual Freeview tuners built in to it that will enable streaming of the TV signal to an iOS and now Android device either over your home network or the internet.

Press Release:

PCTV Systems’ Broadway 2T Receives Full Android Support

Access your favourite TV shows LIVE through your Android device, from anywhere in the world!

London 10 October 2011PCTV Systems, a division of Hauppauge Digital Inc, today announced Android support for the recently launched Broadway 2T. The Broadway will now allow users to redirect their home TV and personal video content to Android devices (version 2.2 and above with Adobe Flash capable browser), as well as iPhones, iPads, netbooks, notebooks or Mac computers, anywhere in the world. All personal home content and TV channels are accessible via the web browser anytime, anywhere in the world without the need for any third party apps or any additional purchases.

“It has been predicted that Google’s Android mobile-operating system will represent 40% of smartphones in 2011. Currently the operating system is available on over 300 different smartphones and tablets. The Broadway has been well received by Apple users so far, so offering Android support is a natural business decision for us ensuring we fulfil the demands and requirements of all our customers,” said Yehia Oweiss, Vice President of Sales EMEA of Hauppauge Digital. “Holiday season is the perfect time to take advantage of the Broadway. We have all been stuck in a foreign country not being able to understand local language TV. If you are away on business and you don’t want to miss England play the World Cup, or if you are trying to entertain your family whilst in a villa in France or a chalet in Switzerland, the Broadway’s ability to direct your home TV or other connected video signals live to your mobile device allows you to easily get around that problem. You don’t have to miss any of the great sporting events lined up or the next episode of your favourite TV show. No matter where you are in the world, your home TV is always with you – It’s that simple,” Oweiss continued.

The Broadway 2T is available from £199.99

Existing users can download the new firmware here.

Bridging the Gap between TV and the Internet

  • Connect wirelessly.
  • Send Live-TV or video signal feeds via internet to host device.
  • Sophisticated MPEG-4 H.264 hardware compression.
  • Integrated 802.11n WLAN for wireless streaming of television signals to host device.
  • No additional software (app) required – including iPod and iPad.
  • Control your home content; schedule recordings, play pre-recorded content.
  • Audio/Video input to turn iPad or iPhone into remote surveillance solution by connecting analog camera.


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