Just noticed, that v4 of the DVBLogic product range is now available to buy… for further details see: www.dvblogic.com

UPDATE: Garry has all the details on his blog posts

2 thoughts on “DVBLogic V4 products are now released!”
  1. If you buy DVBLink TVSource V4 and you want to have your tuner card(s) in a WHS box and stream live TV to your Media Center PCs do you also need to purchase DVBLink Connect Server ?


  2. Hi Stuart,

    I think you do, I personally just have the tvsource installed on my media pc, as my Tranquil WHS is too small to take any tuners…

    In order to be able to get the tv signal into your media pc, you need the client software, which afaik, is only supplied with the connect server.


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