Over on DVBLogic’s forums there is a guide on how to use MediaPortal with DVBLink, if you have MediaPortal and want to get access to DVBLink features you will need to follow their detailed guide.

There is a guide for single and multiple tuners s0 head over to DVBLogic’s forums for the full details:


Follow these instructions.

1. Configure DVBLink v4 to fit your DVBLink needs.
2. Install MediaPortal (TVServer).
3. Download the DVB-IP patch for the TVServer part. (Follow the instructions on the page for installing it) … ter-96726/

The tricky stuff.

i. Single Tuner Guide

Go to the mp tuningparameters path for DVBIP (x:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\TuningParameters\dvbip\)
Create a new tuning file ex. DVBLink.Comhem.m3u
Write this in the file

Continued on the forum post

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