Cyberlink have announced an update to their PowerDirector Video Editing software PowerDirector 10.

I’ve been using this for a few days and I’m quite impressed. Cyberlink claim it is the world’s Fastest Video Editor for Consumers and I have to say it does seem really fast even on my Core 2 Duo. So what is new in this release:

  • a choice of 3 different editing modes,
  • enhancements to a flexible 100-track timeline,
  • automated beat detection, integration of pro-quality plug-ins from third-party partners,
  • animated painting tools,
  • time lapse controls and free-form picture-in-picture video cropping tools.
  • a rich set of powerful 3D video editing tools that enable consumers to import, edit and produce 3D material,
  • features an enhanced video rendering engine, TrueVelocity 2,
  • includes a new H.264 media encoder designed to rapidly process HD video.

The main thing I’ve been playing with is the 3D editing and I have to say it is really nice to have a consumer level 3D editor available. It seems to work quickly and well.


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