BT Say iOS 5 Caused UK Highest Ever Internet Traffic Spike


As many of us suffered with iOS 5 download problems there was properly a good reason why. BT Say that the demand for iOS 5 caused the UK highest ever traffic demand, higher that peaks seen during Wimbledon and major England matches. Not only was the traffic spying on Wednesday it continued on to Thursday night.

I know many people had problems getting the update on Wednesday night but when I updated my devices on Saturday morning I had no problems at all

BT Said

Traffic levels were at their highest level ever seen within BT’s UK broadband network (wholesale through BT Retail and other content providers) on Wednesday night – this was sustained from the launch of Apple’s iPhone OS 5 until past midnight.

Last night (Thursday) saw the 2nd highest we’ve ever seen on the UK broadband network, less than 10Gbits/s lower than Wednesday and sustained for a longer period of time.

This exceeded previous peaks seen during Wimbledon and major England football matches. At a rough figure we were seeing over 80Gbits/s of extra traffic on the network last night (Wednesday). That would make it about twice the volume of the previous largest event, an England World Cup Football Game – which was during UK business hours, not the evening peak. Estimated traffic volumes from the Content Delivery Network (CDN) that Apple use were nearly double the peak last Tuesday.

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