Boxee Gets Custom Spotify App


Today Boxee have announced that they have added Spotify to the Boxee Box enabling all the features of Spotify on the box. The Boxee blog has the details:

Adding Spotify’s huge music catalogue to a Boxee Box with a Premium subscription costs less than a cup of coffee per week (9.99/month $, € or £). Of course anyone can try the service on their computer for free (with a few ads) or for 4.99/month without ads using an Unlimited account. However, we like the “Go Big or Go Home” philosophy, and Spotify Premium streams sweet serenades everywhere – providing access on your Boxee Box, mobile phone and letting you rock out to playlists offline. After a week with the Premium subscription, I deleted all the other music on my phone and now just use Spotify.



With DVBLink and now Spotify the box is starting to be really useful


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