UPDATE: Could be fake and from Omnino metro skin

I was sent a screen shot from what could be a leaked build of Windows 8 showing the new interface and what could be a the future of a Media Center. The screenshot is from a video showing the new tiled interface in Windows 8 and one of the options is to add a Home Theatre Pack, from the look of the icons the pack could feature internet delivered content like Hulu and Netlix. Whether this would be seen as a replacement for Windows Media Center or this could be just for the touch screen UI we will have to wait and see.

The video says its Windows 8 beta build 8143, it could be fake but it looks about right.

5 thoughts on “Windows 8 To Feature Home Theatre Pack?”
  1. Its fake , key things to note with these are :

    Explorer window does not have ribbon collapse arrow on right hand side.

    Classic windows are not render in the front of metro/jupiter style interface rather they are
    launched in a ‘classic’ ( i hate that term , its like theres something wrong with the current explorer ) , explorer!

  2. This is not Windows 8. It was specifically stated in the Windows 8 blog that you would not ever see the Windows desktop when in Metro UI unless you wanted to. This is popping it up all over. Most certainly is Rainmeter/Omnimo

  3. They should start marketing everything windows media as Zune. With the large hype surrounding WP7 and its Zune player, having a Zune Media Center on Windows 8 will keep things tighter. Incorporate that to Xbox, Windows tablets, and everything from now on. Also, the Zune player on the PC and phone 7 looks amazingly artistic and fresh. Streamline the whole Zune thing!

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