We should be used by now to DVBLogic slipping the odd surprise into their releases. The new DVBlink Release Candidate is no different  – I certainly wasn’t expecting them to include a client for Boxee but that is what they have done. If you’ve listened to our podcasts you’ll know I’ve always been a little sceptical of the benefits of Boxee but this could just make it useful.


Boxee client
DVBLink Boxee client can be downloaded here:
http://www.dvblogic.com/download/Trunk/ … client.zip
To install DVBLink Boxee client just copy dvblink_client folder from zip to

C:\Users\<<your user name>>\AppData\Roaming\BOXEE\userdata\apps

Boxee client is fully functional except for manual recording scheduling function. We are also still working on it to improve the usability and reduce number of clicks/presses required to watch the TV.



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