Back at CES in January I saw Viewsonic’s 46” HDTV with Boxee integration, which would the the 2nd device to ship with Boxee built in (the other being the Boxee Box from D-Link). It looks like Viewsonic has scrapped plans to release the TV sighting lack of consumer interest in Smart TVs.

“Smart TV’ has not achieved the consumer acceptance or market expectation that was forecasted over the last couple years. Our current strategy is to stay involved with the various technology developments and consider them in the future as they become available,”

As I found with my review of the Boxee Box its a great device but I am not sure where it fits in my digital lifestyle. Iomega will be bringing out a NAS device running the Boxee software next month.


2 thoughts on “Viewsonic kills its Boxee HDTV”
  1. I suppose a lot of people have a remote for their tele and a remote for their stb, most people that I know use their tele remote for 1 thing, turning the TV on/off so don’t bother checking out what the tele can do. I think a tele with a stb built in would be a hit, especially if there was some kind of modular interface which held the OS and the tuner so in a few years that part of the TV could get upgraded if need be. It would really take something like Apple or Microsoft to get this market rolling.

    I use the boxee app with media center, I use the launcher shortcut and it works great. To me Boxee just fills the hole in media center where they’ve been left behind, IPTV. I like the way music library and the way artist art is found as well as milkdrop visualisation (can you get that in media center?), the movie library is good but as a mymovies user this isn’t good enough to migrate.

    I think as a streamer device for £200 I’d recommend it for someone who wanted a little more over a WD live etc.

    1. I found the Boxee Box to be a nice physical design with a great remote but far to quirky to be good for most users. I am a technical guy and it doesn’t bother me in the least but for most people I think the interface for watching streaming TV and movies is so clunky as to not be usable. Especially when it comes to watching a TV show right off the shows website.

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