Touch looks like its going to be the best way of interacting with Windows 8, the new Metro UI is designed for touch. I have tried Windows 8 on a desktop and Acer Netbook so I was very keen to try it on a touch screen device. Over the weekend I had some hands on time with  a Acer Iconia Tab which is a capacitive touchscreen PC and is ideal for Windows 8.

The Tab’s multi-touch display works very well with Windows 8 and is much better than operating it with a mouse and keyboard.

In the video I try the new Start menu,  swipe between applications and try the split on-screen keyboard. Overall I really like Windows 8 on a touchscreen, it works better than the mouse and keyboard for the Metro UI and it works on the Tab really well.  Next to get the Windows 8 test will be my HP Tablet PC


Thanks to John for the load on the unit

4 thoughts on “Video: Hands on with a Acer Iconia Tab running Windows 8”
  1. There will NOT be any plug-in support in IE 10 Metro app. So no Silverlight, Flash or PDF reader plug-ins and any other IE browser plug-in, you will have to live without them.

    The desktop version of IE 10 will still support plug-ins.

    1. huh? so within ie10 metro app we wont be able to view flash etc? seems barmy when you know full well the others will make a metro app that supports it.

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