If your in the market for a Windows Home Server and don’t want to wait for the big OEMs then there is a new UK based manufacturer that have a new range of home servers. PC Specialist Ltd allow you to configure your server via their site and then they ship it out to you. If you don’t want to go down the build your own route like I did then they are worth checking out.

via Windows Home Server Blog

UK based custom pc and laptop manufacturer PC Specialist Ltd, have taken the first steps towards entering the Windows Home Server Hardware market.

Using their intelligent configurator, you can quickly scan through the vast range of cases and components to design your perfect Home Server. PC Specialist will then build, test and deliver your custom built Home Server within just two weeks!



4 thoughts on “UK Company PC Specialist to release Windows Home Server 2011”
      1. We did!

        Its good that PC Specialist are getting some coverage, but its like MS have nothing to talk about so they are trying to find anything to say.

        Just like we talked about with Acer on this weeks show!

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